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'(The AllDisco) residents...capture the quintessence of Larry Levan's Paradise Garage and Frankie Knuckles' Warehouse parties with fists pumping... the air to the chic sounds of Prelude, Salsoul, marauding Giorgio and the Italian Disco beauties.'
-i-D Magazine, 2005

"Best Bar to Hear Boney M While Snacking on Free Pizza. As if the free personal pan with every brewski weren't enough, Friday's and Saturdays at Capone's mean free '80s disco too. The place collects Paradise Garage and Warehouse comparisons like Stimpy does boogers, but the future is now, folks, so visit and grat the free live DJ podcasts for your night flights."
-Nick Sylvester, Village Voice Best of NYC

"for those in the know Saturdays at this Williamsburg club has become a destination for those looking to "do the Hustle." Just far enough off the main drag of Bedford Avenue, Johnny-come-latelies have yet to discover and ruin Capone's. One of the last vestiges of the Williamsburg Hipster - and we mean that in a good way. Plus, free pizza and a rooftop smoking lounge."
-Black Book Magazine, 2005